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Tony Anthony’s is a place where you are fully welcomed and cared for.

We’re all about you, your hair, and your time with us being restful, invigorating, and personally tailored to you. Where your beauty, in all its facets, is reflected!




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Our stylists, personally tailored to you.

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Is all about what makes you feel gorgeous and how we can care for you as you trust us with your hair. Whether you are wearing your natural locks or want to make a big change, we are here for you, ready to collaborate on your vision and make it come to life! 

We're a full luxury salon created to make every goddess feel beautiful inside and out.

Imagine the luxury of having all your beauty and wellness requirements taken care of by a team of professionals who understand what you need.

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Partnering with you to achieve your vision is our favorite! Follow us on Instagram to come alongside the stories of our happy and beautiful clients. 


We provide impeccable customer service, top-notch talent and a comfortable, beautiful and friendly environment. We encourage potential clients to come in and meet our amazing team and tour the facility anytime during business hours. Come and get spoiled at Tony Anthony’s Signature Salon, we offer affordable elegance at its best! Please call to make an appointment now!

Your Beauty

Your confidence is what we’re passionate about. We are here for you and excited to serve you as you trust us with your hair. Let’s collaborate on your vision to make it come alive.






Making a popular service feel like a relatable partner


Brand, Relationship Marketing


OLV, Social, Art Direction

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How do you turn an unknown fintech brand into the top-of-mind choice for millennials, when their biggest competition is a Google search?


Most financial companies’ “better me” or “future me” solutions discredit the me I already am today.


A national brand campaign — the brand’s first since 1999 — designed to help Millennials who are early into adulting recognize Bankrate as a go-to financial companion by showing that their life’s everyday realities are Bankrate’s everyday jam. 

The “For Every Next” campaign shows real-life footage of the moments that lead to big life changes, from heading off to college, to having a new baby, to landing a first job, and positions Bankrate as the first step in every next step